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öҳ (Antique Car)

Hundreds of years have passed since the first car hit the road and many more have been developed to suit our need throughout history.
The invention and development of these fabulous vehicles has aroused our interest in the making and building of antique model car.The purpose of building and making a model car is not only for collectible purposebut it also convey the story of more than 100 car models. Here at Smilehand, we pay great attention to detail so our model cars closely resemble the real ones; the process involves forming of hot-rolled steel sheet and applying of vintage colors by hand.
Smilehand provides you with these antiquecar models to suit the need of collectors. These models include Mercedes Benze, Rolls-Royce, Ford,Beetle, and Harley Davidson.Also, to supply the demand in the market, Smilehand has expanded our production line into train, fire-truck, airplane, and ship models.
Smilehand, we give you an opportunity to see into the unique characteristics and features of each car which makes it a classic through our wide selections of models at a reasonable price which depended on size and weight, starting from 500 baht to 4,000 baht. We invite you to visit our gallery which is located at Sukhumvit 81. We are also happy to serve you if you want to exchange your model with others.
We are planning of forming an Antique Model Car Club to be a center for model car collectors and tohelp collectors to acquire new models or learn the story of each antique car.

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